About exposure36 Photography

Jim Altengarten established exposure36 Photography in 1998 to create an organization that provides high quality education in photography.  While technical skills are very important, the main focus of the photography workshops and classes is to improve the skill level and creative vision of the participants.  A variety of teaching methods combined with patience and non-technical explanations allows exposure36 workshops and classes to create an environment that promotes learning.

Jim moved to Idaho in the spring of 2012. He now resides in Caldwell, about 24 miles west of Boise.  The move to Idaho has brought Jim closer to the areas that he likes to photograph. He has written articles for on-line photography magazines and has had his photographs displayed in Seattle galleries and other municipalities in the northwest. His photos have been published in the US and Great Britain. For the last several years he has reduced his publication and display of photographs and is concentrating on the more important task of educating photographers. 

Quarterly, Jim teaches adult education classes at the Experimental College of the University of Washington (Seattle).  Please check the "classes" link on the "Programs" page for additional information about his classes.

From February to November Jim travels to outstanding photo locations primarily in the western US, Canada, and Alaska.  About every 2-3 years, he goes to the eastern US to teach workshops.  In 2009 Jim travelled to Guatemala to teach a workshop.  2012 brought workshops to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  In 2013-2014 you might have traveled with exposure36 Photography to Russia, Finland, The Galapagos Islands, India/Nepal, and Belgium.  In 2015 trips were made to New Zealand, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

Through exposure36, he usually teaches 8 – 10 photography workshops each year.  The variety of locations provides his students with diverse images to their own portfolios.

Jim specializes in Nikon, Canon, and Sony digital equipment.  He has shot with Canon equipment from 1990 until early 2007 when he started shooting with Nikon equipment.  He is the only person in the US to teach workshops that teach people how to use the functions on both Canon and Nikon digital cameras. 

Jim's 25+ years of photography experience combined with an equal amount of time as an educator makes his workshops and classes both fun and educational.



Jim Altengarten



Current Camera

Nikon D800

favorite types of photography:

Landscape, nature, macro

favorite photographer:

Toshinobu Tackeuchi

favorite shooting locations:

Antelope Cyn, Smokies, Canadian Rockies, Nova Scotia, Aurora

Personal Motto:

“Believing is Seeing”

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